Faith to Faith

The “Great Revival” Prophecy

29 March 1980

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Great Revival! Great revival is in the land hovering like a cloud right above the whole nation and above the nation of Canada. It is slowly moving toward Mexico and it will hover over Mexico shortly. That cloud is almost touching the ground. In that cloud is the greatest revival of the history of this planet and it has almost touched.”

“I saw a mighty angel with great golden wings, with a great and mighty trumpet in his hands, and as he came descending toward the earth this angel was stretching forth his feet to touch the planet as soon as possible. His foot was just above the heart of the United States. When his toe touches this country the revival will burst! It will burst! It will burst! It will burst like a cloudburst form one end of this nation to the other.”

“It will only be a short time. It will only be a few days…Something outstanding will happen. Outstanding things will happen and you’ll know about it! You’ll know about it!”

“Where there was one being saved, there will be a hundred. Where there was one being healed, there will be a thousand. Where there were a thousand, there will be a million, for I shall sweep the land,” saith the Lord.

“Prepare and be ready! Prepare and be ready! For I am going to touch some on their jobs. I’m going to touch some as they sleep at night. I’m going to wake them up at night and say, Quit your job, pack up, and let’s go. I’m going to say to others as they are on the job, Come on, the harvest is white. Come on, let’s go get them. And they’ll go to and fro. They’ll go to and fro. They’ll go like rockets with a flame of fire behind them all over the North American continent. They’ll put a blaze of fire in this nation—a blaze of the Gospel in this nation! The delivering power of Almighty God will be manifest in great ways. Foreign nations will say, ‘What’s happening over there? Send it over here! Send it over here!’”

“I’ll speak to one and I’ll speak to another and say, You go to England…You go to Spain…You go to Ireland…You go to Australia…You go to New Zealand…You go to China…You go to Russia. I’ll tell them to go and they’ll go. Those people over there will receive by the thousands and by the thousands and by the thousands, upon thousands of thousands.”

“And we’ll ride this crest of the wave,” saith the Lord, “right on to the greatest miracle of the ages, for you shall know Me as the Great Resurrection!”