Faith to Faith

‘The Glory Is Here’!

16 May 2016

Prophecy delivered at 2016 Canada Victory Campaign by Kenneth Copeland

“These are the days of great joy in the heavenlies, for they have understood from the praising and the worshiping that’s gone forth out of the lips of those who unashamedly praise God. And out of these praises they have come to realize that this is a time like no other time. For you see, you don’t realize what words you are using. You don’t realize what is coming forth out of your spirit. But heaven does, and the heavenly hosts understand. And they look forth and they see Jesus smile, and they hear things coming from the Spirit of God, and they say, ‘Let’s go among these people. Let’s go among them. Let’s see what we can do for them. For God loves them. Jesus loves them, and He has taken His place among them. So let us go and we’ll see, and we will operate according to the Master’s voice. And it’ll come forth out of those believers who are so thrilled with the Name of Jesus.’

“So give forth joy and praise and understand that in these times great things are happening and the pot has just now begun to boil. And it’ll boil over, and it’ll boil over, and it’ll boil over. And the glory will flow out and flow in, and out and in. And there’s coming a day very soon when the glory will become perceptible to the eye. And you’ll see it come in like a cloud, and sometimes it’ll just hang high in the Name of Jesus. These are those days,” saith The LORD. “So smile, rejoice, and enjoy the show!

“I heard somebody say, ‘What show is that?’ Why, didn’t you ever hear in My WORD that I’m going to spend eternity showing—showing you the riches of My grace? Well, it’s already begun. It has started. It’s begun, and it’s growing, and it’s growing, and it’s ever growing, and it’s going upward, upward, ever upward. And what you have to understand is that heaven and earth have come together. And in a very few days, soon and very soon, you will hear the trumpet sound, and big things will begin to happen. And you’ll suddenly stop and say, ‘My LORD! This is it! This is it! This is it!’ So the glory is here. Enjoy it!”