Faith to Faith

‘The Fullness of Time’

6 August 2005

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

Bless the Name of The LORD. “Wonderful things are hanging. Just hanging—seems like with just a very thin thread. And marvelous things that the human race has never before witnessed. Wonderful insights and concepts into heaven’s operation, and the way heaven conducts itself in all areas and all realms of life. For these things are here. They’re here. They’re not coming someday. They’re already here. And as we pray, as we seek the face of The LORD, as we move more and more, closer and closer and more closely still, ’till the catching away of the Church, the thinner those threads become. And our prayers and our reaching and the releasing of our faith walking in the love of God, one by one, by one, will release those things. And they’ll come flooding into the kingdom of God. Flooding into our households, flooding into our businesses, flooding into our bodies, flooding into our minds and overflowing all that our hand finds to do. For these are the wonderful days prophesied of men of old, when they spoke by the Spirit and said when the fullness of time shall come. Well, these are the times that they spoke of. These are the fullness of time, and you and I are the fullness-of-time generation. And overflow of its fullness is at hand. So rejoice and be glad in it, for it is God’s time and we’ll see it come to pass, hallelujah.” Oh, bless the Lord.