Faith to Faith

‘Step On Out’

9 August 2007

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“These things work like that,” saith The LORD, “because you are picking up in your praise and worship the activity and the intensity of what heaven is doing—and what heaven is moving toward in getting ready for the trumpet to blow—and for The LORD Jesus to catch away His own.


“These last days, these times of intense spiritual combat, these days of angels doing what they are doing and moving to and fro in the earth as never before; you see, as they get more intense, as they get stirred, and stirred, and stirred, it begins to stir you. It begins to stir in your spirit because you are directly connected to the throne. So when it comes time to praise, step on out. Step on out and step into these places that I have designed and prepared for you,” saith The LORD. “Because this is the hour that I have been pressing for, for all of these centuries, and you are the carriers of it. You are the  messengers of it. And through you it will come and be exposed. It will come and it will have birth given to it, and it will come through you as you worship and you praise. And as you lift your voice and give praise and honor to My Name, I’ll see to it that you get THE BLESSING.” Hallelujah.