Faith to Faith

Speak His Name in Faith!

31 July 2017

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“All this time, the Spirit of greatness has been living inside your very own spirit being. All this time THE BLESSING of Abraham has been alive in you, just waiting to be released into the situation, but instead of speaking words of faith you spoke words that condemned you. You said, ‘I can’t do this. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I can’t go any further. I’m so tired. I am so weak. It just seems like nothing works out for me.’ And the more you said that, the more doubt rose up like a giant armed man and pulled you down from your place of destiny. Ah!

But if you will learn to rise up and take My WORD and say, ‘the Word of God said, “Let the weak say I am strong.” I am strong in the LORD and in the power of His might. I am filled with energy and divine strength. I go from strength to strength. I go from strong to strong. I go from faith to faith. I believe God. Jesus is my Champion. Jesus is my Victory. Hallelujah! Jesus is my LORD. He’s my Savior. He’s my Healer. He’s my Financier. He’s my Melchizedec. Hallelujah!’ And when you begin to speak like that, all the problems begin to look so much smaller and begin to wane and fall to your side like spoken of in the 91st Psalm; 10,000 on one side; and a thousand on another, and it cannot come nigh you because of the faith shield, THE BLESSING shield, THE BLESSING wall that’s been built up around you because of the words of faith and the New Testament words of healing.

“And prosperity begins to flow out of your mouth and began to build a strong spiritual fortress around you and you became a marked person and the devil said, ‘Oh no! He’s up again! Oh no! She’s after me again!’ And the angel said, ‘Well, finally. We’ve got something to work with.’

“So, give The LORD praise and honor, and speak forth His Name in faith, and speak forth the words that you plan to come to pass. Don’t be speaking the things you don’t desire to come to pass. Speak those words that you do desire. And it will seem strange in the beginning, but the more you do it the more powerful it gets, because faith will come by hearing your own words come out of your mouth, and it will begin to grow, and it will get stronger, and it’ll get stronger, and you become bolder and bolder, and you come to the throne of grace instead of crawling in there with whimpering weakness. You begin to walk in with a smile on your face and say, ‘Glory to God. I hold fast to my confession and I believe God.’”