Faith to Faith

Prepared for This Very Time!

22 August 2013

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“You have been being prepared,” saith The LORD of grace. “You have been being readied for this very time. For in this move of My Spirit not only has there been launched the largest gathering of souls mankind has ever seen on this planet, but also the breakdown of Babylon’s influence that came onto mankind and has been cheating him out of his life ever since the tower at Babel. Aha! But My people have been prepared, and you’re part of the team,” saith The LORD. “I am ministering to you and bringing to you and placing in you solutions that people have been begging for, for centuries. And with the Anointing of the Spirit in you and on you, you’ll be able to share these things with people who will deliver them, who will deliver their businesses, who will deliver their children, who will remove debt and all of its pressures out of their lives.

“And you’ll be able to get involved with evangelism. You’ll be able to get involved in your church. You’ll be able to get involved in all of those things that, before, you’ve wanted to so deeply, but thought you didn’t have the resources to do it. Ah, but I have prepared you and I have brought you to a place where you are ready. More ready than you know you are because you know more than you think you do.

“And My time has come,” saith The LORD. “So prepare yourself here and again, and now and again, and then this place and that place, as I speak to you and tell you to minister to people, to pray for them. To minister to them of your goods and so forth. And you’ll see it multiply right in front of your face. For the time of Amos has come when the sower and the reaper are walking side by side. You sow it and it multiplies it right in front of you. Praise God!

“So give Me praise and honor and glory, and thank Me because you are part of this congregation and you are part of the team that I’m raising up all over the earth. For you have listened to My voice, and you have taken heed to what I have said, and you’re in the place that I called you to be in. And as you walk in that, more and more and more, more and more and more, you will prosper and questions will be answered. And you’ll say when you get through, ‘My, my, am I glad I heard that because my life will never be the same again.’”