Faith to Faith

‘My Time Has Come!’

25 October 2015

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Why should you be so astounded and shocked at the dominating power of My WORD? Every moment, every second that this planet has been alive I planned every tick of the clock from then until now, and I can name every moment. I can call every second by name. And you are divinely placed in My plan right now by the power of the living God. So rejoice! Again I say rejoice! For the time of the end has come. And what has begun to be the end for many is the beginning of the beginning for you and all those that are called by My Name. For these are the moments of the furnishings and the revealings of My dream,” saith The LORD.

“My time is come and you’re in it. So release unto Me all that belongs unto Me, and I release unto you all that belongs to you. For you and I are one, and as one we will finish this thing in the glory and in the praise of the Almighty God. So rejoice. The Spirit of grace is having its way—His way in this place,” saith The LORD.