Faith to Faith

Manifested in Your Presence!

6 April 2012

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Listen to the words tonight with the full intention to act upon them and engage them into your life and ministry. For I am sending you this,” saith The LORD, “to bring you up into a level of…

“You remember in My WORD through the prophet Amos, that said there is coming a time when the sower and the reaper shall walk side by side? That means the power of faith in your words has to be powerful enough to cause instantaneous crop and instantaneous harvest. Say it. There it is! Say it. There it is! Say it. There it is! That time has come,” saith The LORD, “and it is time for the empowerment of your words to be increased to that point. You will be held responsible for it. This is not for those who are playing games. This is not for those who play church. This is not for the religious. This is for those who will hear My voice and obey My command and together we’ll walk. I will not allow My WORD in your mouth to fall to the ground. Be quick to repent, quick to forgive and slow to speak, until you have heard My WORDS in your heart. Put them in your mouth. Speak them and them only,” saith The LORD, “and I will endorse them and bring them to pass…

“Those of you who insist on living this way, you would have to hide under a rock to keep from becoming rich and wealthy in this time. You would have to hide in a hole someplace to keep your church from exploding beyond your wildest dreams. And don’t be surprised when a lot of people get mad at you, because there will be many, many more who will be glad at you because you are the ones in this time of curse manifestation who will replenish the earth. You’ll be fruitful and you’ll multiply; for My BLESSING will increase upon you beyond what you can ask or think. For I will manifest Myself in your presence,” saith The LORD.