Faith to Faith

‘Manifestation of the Glory’

20 January 2009

Prophecy delivered by Billye Brim

“Corporate, corporate, corporate, it will be corporate. And men shall see, and men shall see and men shall be; and men shall be the manifestation of the Glory of the Lord. Mmmm, and walk as the light in this dark night, the Church of His choosing shall shine so bright.

“And then we’ll be losing the grasp of the past.” (tongues)” And looking over into eternity with Me. And even on your faces it shall surely be seen—the Glory of the Lord—and this is the day, and this is the time and this the climb for such a thing to be. Give yourselves unto Me.” (tongues) And you shall see men in places high change before your very eye. And those in whom you would have had the least hope, ha, ha, ha, ha, even laughing about them and classifying them as a dope you’ll see rise with God’s spirit in their very eyes.

“And you shall hear it, and you shall hear. You shall hear, you shall hear the sound of the Lord as He comes near, to call you away from now until then. For you it is a very bright day, but He will change you before your very own eyes.

“And this time next year it will be as if you are surprised—to look back and see where you were then—because you shall be so changed, even in the very eyes of men. And they shall call you to come and you’ll go. And the presence of the Lord they will surely know. For the Church defined as glorious will arise and, ere you leave by the eastern skies, they will see the glory of the Lord you will reveal for Me.” Praise You.