Faith to Faith

‘Learn to Listen to Me!’

7 August 2010

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“If you will listen to My WORD, and if you will pay careful attention, I’ll always keep you enough steps ahead of the devil. And I’ll show you things to come and I’ll unravel his operations to where it’s easy for you to see what he’s doing; and standing against him is not hard at all because when you resist him, he’ll flee. But when you get behind and he’s got things working on you and you fall in those traps, and you let your feelings run away from you, then you’ve got to pull back up in there and strengthen yourself and build yourself back up. It’s tougher, but you can and you will do it. So learn to stay ahead. Keep prayed up, read up, confessed up before The WORD of God and follow Me. Do those things I tell you to do. I’ll show you these things. I’ll walk with you in it. Practice My presence. Talk to Me. I’ll talk to you. I’ll listen to you. You learn to listen to Me and, together, we’ll go places you never thought you would ever be.”