Faith to Faith

‘Joy Comes at Harvest Time!’

14 November 2015

Prophecy delivered at Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign by Kenneth Copeland

“These things that you’re seeing now, particularly in the United States. The things that are taking place that look and are so ungodly and so terrible, particularly to the heart and the mind of righteous people. But don’t have any fear. Don’t be disturbed. I am watching over the United States. For you see, I have a vested interest in this nation that I don’t have in other countries. I established,” saith The LORD, “the nation of Israel because I love them. But the United States of America was established by a people because they love Me, and I will never forget it. I will never forget it. I will never forget it!

“So listen to My voice. Hearken unto Me and be quick to pray, slow to criticize, and quick to repent. For if you will do these things, and walk with Me, and listen to Me, and order your life accordingly, these terrible, horrible things will not touch you. I have angels at their posts. I am working in this nation, and what you are seeing right now are birth pangs to the rebirth of the United States.

“Going back. Going back to its roots. Going back to its original assignment. Going back to its original commitments to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.” Hallelujah. “’Oh! But I just don’t see how that could come to pass.’ Well, that’s because you’re shortsighted. That’s because you’re not looking through My eyes. Because you’re talking and acting like the prophet who said, ‘O Lord! O Lord! O Lord! I am the only one!’ And I said, ‘No, no. No, no. You’re not the only one. I have thousands that have not bowed their knee to Baal. Well, in the United States I have multiplied millions who have not bowed their knee to darkness. I have multiplied millions who are walking by faith, who are living in the life of faith and the life of goodness. And they are coming alive like never before.

“These are victorious days. These are times to rejoice. These are times to look up, for your redemption draws nigh,” saith The LORD. “Great, marvelous and wonderful things are happening in the realm of the glory—movings, doings, by the forces of light and the forces of power and the kingdom of God. And manifesting in the earth right now are things quickly, moving quickly, drawing quickly to an explosion point. And many, many, more than ever before will come sweeping into the kingdom of God.

“Oh, it’s harvest time. It’s harvest time. Harvest time! Oh yeah. All the hard work is when the plowing is going on. All the hard work is when you’re cultivating the land. Then all the hard work is when you’re sowing. And all the hard work is when you’re preparing. But I want you to know joy comes at harvest time. Joy comes at harvest time, and it’s here. So rejoice. Again, I say rejoice. And lift up your hand and say, ‘I have faith in the God of my victory!’”