Faith to Faith

‘I’ve Not Forgotten You’

10 August 2012

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“There are some city elections coming up in the city of Milwaukee…. There are some city elections coming up. You pray. I’ll tell you how to vote. But I can tell you right now, you are going to be pleased with these elections. And this city is turning around and the power of the living God is about to be manifest in this city like never before in its history. And people in different places around the earth will begin to say, ‘You know, if you can get to Milwaukee you can get healed. If you can get to Milwaukee, you can get the Holy Ghost. If you can get to Milwaukee, you can get some answers for your life.’ So rejoice and give Me praise,” saith The LORD. “I am in command and you are glad and we’ll be glad and you will rejoice and great will be the places around this city…And I can tell you why. Because there are prayer teams here that have been praying for years and years and years, and there are church people here who have been believing God and believing God and believing God. And I have not forgotten in whom I put the Spirit of prayer in this area,” saith The LORD.

“And some would say, ‘Yeah, but LORD, what about my city?’ Well, what about it? I’ve not forgotten you. I’ve not forgotten any city in this country. There’s not a city in the United States that I do not have a prayer warrior there praying and seeking My face. I have not left one city in this nation undone! I’m not the God of a slack hand. Oh! I have thousands where you think there are few. I have millions where you think there’s a handful. Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh! Yeah. And you wait and see what I’ve got in store for you. There is coming a move of God in this country and very soon it will be and it will come to the time where you will have to go hide in a dark place to keep from getting a good job. I’ve raised up a people and I’m turning My economy over to My people, called by My Name, who have humbled themselves and turned from their wicked ways. And I am healing the land,” saith The LORD.