Faith to Faith

It’s Time for the Glory!

19 November 2005

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“2006. What about 2006? Ah,” saith The LORD, “there’s never been a year like. It is The Year of the Glory—manifestations of My glory that have never been seen by human eyes before on this planet. And they will begin now. And have been growing, and growing and growing. But 2006. What about 2006? It is The Year of Total Fulfillment. All of the seeds will come to pass in your life. Oh, it is a year of outstanding manifestations and all people at one time or another will see it. There’ll be times when the glory cloud falls, and completely fills a church. And it’ll boil out the doors of the church and go all over the neighborhood and people will be standing out in the street and they can’t see one another. And it will glisten and it will be so glorious and people can feel sickness and disease running off of their bodies and it will, and then when it begins to lift, then when it begins to lift it will lift even off of some churches. But there will be churches that it will just remain on. And those churches, full of love, and those churches that know the Name, and those churches that know My Spirit, and those churches that stay in The WORD, and those churches that have preached the glory, the glory will stay and other people will come out of those places and out of those stores and out of some unbelieving churches and run over there to stay in the glory, run over there to stay in the glory.

“Ah, but these are times of exceeding, marvelous, special spiritual manifestations. It is a time when the sower, the harvester are walking side by side. You sow it and watch it reap. So be very cautious. Take heed to these words because what you have done in the past casually, paying little or no respect or attention, and there’ll come a time when you’ll do that and it will flare right back up into your face. If you don’t repent quick you’ll just slip on out and go on to heaven, which ain’t all that bad to be. But it’s not quite the perfect will of God. He would much rather you stay and snatch those out of the judgment into the glory. Because there’s going to be a lot of Christians that don’t know how to act around this and you’re going to be the ones to tell them. And you’re going to be the ones to share with them. And some of them you’re going to be the ones that God uses to supernaturally feed them when disasters come. Only it’s not going to be like it was in the past. In a lot of cases you’re not even going to need the trucks and the airplanes. In a lot of cases you’re just going to take one little meal and divide it, and divide it, and divide it, and divide it. You watch and see if it isn’t that way,” saith The LORD of the Harvest. “It’s time for the glory, but there are going to be preachers, bless their hearts, that will fight and come against it. Some of them will fall in the floor in their pulpits and people will have to carry them away. Some of them standing up preaching against manifestations of the Holy Ghost and they will just suddenly become babblers. Totally scrambled­brained and have to be led away in disgrace. In the glory there is no time to be casual and flitterous about the manifestations of the Spirit. Ah, but those that respect the Father and His Son, Yeshua, it is a time that we’ve all been praying for. So rejoice and again rejoice and enjoy it,” saith the Father, “because I do all things for you to enjoy. So have fun in the glory and heal the sick and raise the dead and go with Me and see if you can stay up with Me,” saith The LORD.