Faith to Faith

‘I’m Taking Over the Young People’!

1 August 2017

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“But this is the time when families are being arrested out of the kingdom of darkness. This is the time when children are rushing back into the kingdom of God. Stop declaring with your mouth that the devil is taking over the young people, because he’s not. I’m taking over the young people,” saith The LORD. “And the revival and the move of God among the youngest, among those that are lost and wayward, among those who have run away from home, oh, if you could only see what heaven is seeing. If you could only see what’s happening throughout this nation, throughout Canada, throughout Mexico, all over Europe and even places in the Far East; where young people, children, are running to the feet of Jesus. Falling in love with Him. Young children raised as Buddhists, young children raised in Islam, young children raised in foreign religions that people normally don’t even know anything about. Oh, they’re coming to Jesus. They’re coming to Jesus. They’ve fallen in love with Him.

“So, rejoice! Don’t be sad. Rejoice and be glad. For this hour will produce the greatest loosening of young people, the greatest deliverance of young people from the clutches of drugs, and darkness, and the streets and gangs. There are going to be gang lords who begin to worry because all the gang members look like they’re all going to run off and go to Jesus. And they are! They are. So, praise, worship and speak words of faith because the time has come. The time is being manifest. The times of the end have begun and the best is yet to come. So, praise the Name of Jesus and know that the glory is here,” saith The LORD.