Faith to Faith

‘I Will Transfer My Property!’

6 April 2012

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“You’ll remember I said in My WORD that My eyes go to and fro over the earth seeking those to whom I may show Myself strong. That is still the case. Seeking those to whom I may show Myself strong financially, to whom I may show Myself strong in health and healing and the miraculous therein. Seeking those to whom I may show Myself strong in the love wherewith I have shed abroad in your heart.

“Obedience is greater than sacrifice, and mercy far greater. These are the times,” saith The LORD. “There is a people in the land. I have been searching out, searching out, searching out individuals and families who satan has tried and pushed and done all that he could do to get you to turn loose of The WORD. But there is a people in the land who absolutely refuse to let him have it. Ah! They are the 25 percent that I referred to in My teaching while I was on the earth,” saith The LORD, “that would stand for The WORD, fight for The WORD, be unyielding and be absolutely determined to live and walk in love, to live and walk in faith, to live and obey The WORD of the living God, regardless of what the devil throws at them. And in the lives of those people, they are the ones that allow The WORD to produce a hundredfold; some 30, some 60, some a hundred. Those who are walking in 10 will come up to 30. Those walking in 30 will come up to 60. Those walking in 60 will come up to a hundred.

“For you see, all these days and all these years since Jesus was raised from the dead, everything satan controls, everything he has, he stole it. Because Jesus is the rightful owner of this planet since the moment He was raised from the dead and seated at My right hand,” saith The LORD, the Father God. “I have prepared a people, and continue to prepare. For those who will listen to Me, walk with Me in obedience, listen to and walk in accordance with the words of the Kingdom spoken by the King and His Spirit thereof; for those who insist on keeping the commandment of love, who insist on being obedient and walking by faith, for those,” saith The LORD, “I will transfer My property. I will transfer My goods. I will transfer My Garden of Eden into their hands because I know that it will be well cared for.”