Faith to Faith

‘I Have People Praying’

6 August 2005

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

The Word of The LORD came to me saying, “Watch your mouth, watch your mouth. Pay little to no attention what you see on the news media. Watch your mouth. This conflict in Iraq is not getting worse, it’s not coming up to where we are going to be defeated and the armies of the Almighty God are not going to be defeated there. And I’ll tell you this,” saith The LORD, “it’s closer to being over than it ever has been and you’re going to see a turnaround there and you’re going to see the hand of The LORD and you’re going to see it very soon.” Hallelujah. Oh, praise God. “Stop basing your conversation and your attitude and what you think about a thing or what you don’t think about a thing,” saith The LORD, “by what the world says or by what the news media says or by what your next-door neighbor says. I am in charge here and I will see this thing through, and I’ll see it through in your behalf. And it will be a good thing and it will be in your favor.” Hallelujah. Glory to God. Bless The LORD God.

“I have people praying in places you’ve never heard of before.” I’ll tell you this. I’m telling you this by the Holy Ghost. I just heard Him say this just now. “I have troops in Iraq and in Afghanistan and in other stations around the world. I have troops that know how to pray. I have officers and noncoms that know how to pray. I have people stationed,” saith The LORD, “and I am at work. Don’t make your words stout against Me or the troops that I have called into the field. For you are about to see a marvelous and miraculous thing.” Glory. Hallelujah. Amen.