Faith to Faith

I Have Already Established It!

3 May 2018

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Increase,” saith The LORD, “is at hand. The nations of the world are being shuffled, moved. And spiritual wickedness in high places is doing everything in its power to keep My plan from coming to pass. Ah, but,” saith The LORD, “it has no power because I have already established it in My Word. So, say not in thine heart, If only I knew what to do. Rather say, ‘I always know what to do. And, I know by faith I can find out anything I need to know if I spend time with Jesus; spend time in His presence, in worship and praise. Spend time in meditating what He’s called me to do.’ For in those times just the way I tapped you on your spiritual shoulder, the first direction, the first mandate I gave you I will continue to say, ‘Go this way. No. Go that way. Yes. Go this way. Do this. Don’t do that.’ In doing these things you will surely see the miraculous hand of the One who gave you your new birth. Pressure comes from all sides, but rest in Me. The chastisement of your peace was upon Me,” saith The LORD. “I am your peace. I am you and you are Me, and together we’re an unbeatable team.

“You have known Me in times past. You’ve known Me as your Savior. You’ve known Me as your Healer. You’ve known Me as your Baptizer in the Holy Spirit. Many of you and more of you are coming to the place where you know Me as your Financier, your High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. But very, very soon,” saith The LORD, “sooner than you think you will know Me as the Great Resurrection. So, the time of excellence is at hand. Only excellence of ministry will be able to sustain the kind of pressure that the god of the nations is putting on the nations to destroy them and to destroy your life and destroy your family and destroy your finances and destroy your very being if he could. Ah! But when you reach for the excellence that is provided in The WORD and you declare, ‘I will become a profitable servant. I won’t just wash the car, I will polish it too. I won’t just take back. This is what you say: ‘I won’t just take back something I borrowed. I’ll take it back in better condition than it was when I received it. Because, you see, I’m like My Master. Anything I get my hands on in His Name I want to improve it. I’m an improver! I’m a prosperity agent going somewhere to help people with excellence in my lifestyle. Amen. And I walk in the light of the words of Jesus: Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

“For you see,” saith The LORD, “what you do unto others is what others do unto you. So, rejoice. Again, I say, rejoice. For the day and the time calling for excellence of ministry has come. Excellence will excel and go to the highest place. The highest place of ministry is the highest place in life. And in that day, you will have great cause for rejoicing. For many more, many, many, many more will call you blessed. And they’ll come and gather by your side and say, ‘Because of the excellence I saw in you, I saw Jesus. And when I saw that excellence in your life I knew I could be that way because I know what you were like before. And I know that it’s Jesus that brought your ministry to the place where it is now.’ And you will have many spiritual sons, many spiritual daughters. You’ll have some from this part of the world and they will be light-skinned, and you’ll have some from this part of the world and they will be yellow-skinned. And you will have some from this part of the world. Some will be darker and some will be lighter. But all will come to the shining light of the excellence of ministry in your life,” saith The LORD.