Faith to Faith

I Don’t Have to Stop Here!

11 November 2017

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“You said, ‘It just seems I can’t make it. It just seems I can’t do it.’ And doubt rose up like a strong man and put you in bondage and pulled you back down. And you would climb and scratch and crawl your way back out, but you would come to the rise in the hill again, and you would say, ‘I just can’t do it.’ And doubt would rise up and take you by the shirttail and jerk you back down again. But those days are over forever,” saith The LORD, “because from now on you’re going to come to that hill and you’re going to throw her back down into a low gear and you’re going to say, ‘We’re going up this mountain, glory to God, and we’re going to the top.’ And you’ll get to the top and you’ll say, ‘I wonder why I hadn’t done this before. It is so wonderful! Where’s the next mountain? I’m ready to climb.’

“And in this climate,” saith The LORD, “you are being surrounded by the moving of the Spirit. We have come to this place where it’s time to climb. It’s time to go. And you get to the top of the mountain, and suddenly you realize, Hey, I don’t have to stop here. And you just set your faith wings out there, and you begin to fly! And as you do,” saith The LORD, “we’ll do it together. We’ll run together, and we’ll go together. And as you speed up, I’ll speed up. And then I’ll speed up a little more and I’ll get you going a little bit faster. And where you’ve been crawling we’re going to walk. Where you’ve been walking, we’re going to run. And where you’ve been running, we’re going to fly. And where you’ve been flying, we’re going to rocket it out of here!”