Faith to Faith

‘I Am in Power, Still!’

4 April 2019

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“The harvest time has come,” saith The LORD. “I said it because I intended to impress My people with the fact that the harvesting time in the spirit is bigger and far greater than any have any idea. For, you see, there is always somebody who’s got a security plan. Always somebody who’s got a health plan. Always somebody who’s pushing a plan for finances. Pushing a plan for this. Pushing a plan for that. Don’t listen to that. The BLESSING of The LORD; that’s the plan. Stay in THE BLESSING. Stay in The WORD. I’ll take care of your health. I’ll take care of your retirement. I’ll see to it that everything works out fine.

“For these are My days,” saith God, “and I am in power still, and I know what I’m doing with politicians. And in recent years I have taken over the politics of this nation, and I have long experience at this. I jerked the slack out of pharaohs. I’ve handled governments. I’ve handled tyrants, and I know how to handle little politicians. And together we’ll see this thing win. For we’ll see this thing won. For all the stuff, all the junk that you’ve been seeing, all this screaming, all this hate, all this going on are birth pangs to the rebirth of the United States of America.”