Faith to Faith

‘God Is Moving’

8 March 2008

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Heaven and earth are coming closer, and closer and closer together. For the time is right, the time is now and the time has come. When one thought is released in heaven and instantaneously picked up on the earth by people who are aware of the Spirit, and are aware of those things that heaven is directing. Where in times past sometimes it took years for the earth to pick up on what God was doing and what He was saying to the earth, because there was so much doubt and unbelief and fear. But this is a time when God is moving and people are moving. And people are moving, and God is moving and heaven and earth is coming closer, and closer and closer together. And this generation will know even greater than any other before it, because it has its ear tuned to the Spirit of the living God, in The WORD of the living God and has learned that it can walk in love and walk in faith and walk in power. And perfected love casteth out fear and satan is in his worst moment.

“This is it. God’s dream is materializing, and it is moving now with such overwhelming force that there is nothing on the earth that can slow it down. It can’t slow it down, so it certainly can’t stop it. The days of satan’s success are over. He’ll cause all the trouble he can, but he is outnumbered on every front, hallelujah. Hallelujah. The marvels and the wonders that the Master has declared to come to pass, in your and my time. Your and my day, right now, are far over and above any thing any human mind has ever conceived, except the mind of Jesus. However, remember that My WORD says you have the mind of Christ. You can conceive it, you can see it, you can see into it. I will reveal it to you,” saith The LORD, “and to those that are hungry, and those that will stay in My presence, and those that unashamedly praise Me, I’ll show it to you before it happens. And many of you will declare it, and many of you will be thrilled. And there are people that will say, ‘They are crazy, they’re nuts.’ Well, they may be crazy, but they’re walking like God, talking like God. They look like God, they sound like God. They’re not God, but they’re the people of God. And God Himself, the Great One, Creator of all things, is packing up. He packing up, preparing to move. He’s coming to the earth, moving heaven. Heaven and earth are coming together, and it is soon to come to pass. Much sooner than even you think,” saith The LORD. Give The LORD a praise! Hallelujah!