Faith to Faith

God Is Infinite

20 January 2009

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Learn to speak of those things that are marvelous in your eyes; the work of The LORD and the moving of His awesome self. His greatness and His—His mighty bigness cannot be measured. But we have to understand that He is as small as He is huge. You cannot fathom the greatness and the bigness of God, and neither can you come to the end of His smallness; for He is infinite in all directions. However far you could go, however big you can get, He’s still bigger. And however small you could arrive, He is still smaller yet; for He is all and all, all-encompassing. Great to be your God. Yet even the smallest details have been taken care of by His love and His grace. So give Him praise and learn to speak much of those things that are marvelous in your eyes,” saith the Lord.