Faith to Faith

‘Continue to Walk in My Love!’

10 November 2011

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“You’re going to see the same example take place in the very near future because people have begun to thumb their nose in My face. I’m not to the point where I will not forgive, but I have turned many things and many people over to a reprobate mind. And when you get in that position, then you have cut Me completely out of the influence. And when that happens you will bring certain spiritual laws into motion that, even though you repent, you don’t have time to turn it around. And the results will take place while you’re still stuttering and wondering what you did wrong. So stay prayed up. Stay looking up and continue to walk in My love and you will know things that other people can’t seem to know, and you’ll do things successfully that they’ve tried and couldn’t do because your house is built on THE rock. And your doors are open so that the guy that has the sinking house next door will have somewhere to run.”