Faith to Faith

‘Come On Up Here’

4 January 2013

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Don’t be so quick to declare what can’t happen because it’s impossible. Inquire of Me,” saith The LORD. “All things are possible with Me. I’ll tell you how. I’ll show you things that you never dreamed of before. I’m always searching to and fro for those to whom I can show Myself strong. I will reveal heavenly things if you’ll come up here with Me.

“Give Me time. Give Me place,” saith The LORD. “Put My WORD in that place that’s high above any other word, any other thing, because all the politicians and all the companies, and all of the world system have an idea for your future—and an idea for your security, an idea for your supply and welfare. Aha! But I’m the one who has your future planned. I am the one who has your security planned, and it’s in My blood. It is in My BLESSING. My BLESSING,” saith The LORD.

“That’s the place to be; for that’s where the glory is. I am. I am. I said, I am! Now, come on up here in My grace. Heaven is in good shape. I have plans for you, oh, beyond all you can imagine, ask or think. And we’ll do this together,” saith The LORD. “Come run with Me. Come walk with Me. I’ll show you the heavens and I’ll show you earth like it’s supposed to be, and with My Anointing you can go change it.”