Faith to Faith

‘Come On Out!’

8 July 2011

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Oh, in the generations before you there have been moments of uplifting and moments when My people would rejoice and think My, oh how wonderful! And it was wonderful and it was filled with joy and filled with My presence, and many miraculous and wonderful things happened. But those days were like small children playing in a little pond and in spiritual waters up almost to the knees. Oh, isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it wonderful? And it was wonderful. Because, you see, it was all of the depth that those generations had ever experienced. But these days, these days, I want you to understand,” saith the Spirit of grace, “that you have begun to ride a wave that those before generations brought about and they taught and they preached and they stood and they fought the fight of faith. And for the last 100 years you are now being the product and the recipient and you are up to waters up to here. And you are reaching out for more and I’m sending more,” saith The LORD.

“So come on out into the deep. Come on out! Come on out! Come on out, because I am beginning to take you into the heavenlies. Hallelujah. Heaven and earth, the heavenly realm and the earthly realm, are beginning to touch one another. And so much of the kingdom of darkness is screaming. The devils are screaming, ‘Our time is short! Our time is short! If we don’t get it done now, we won’t get it done at all!’ And for once in their life they got something right. Only they can’t get it done. Their plan is not eternal. Their plan is dying. Their plan won’t do. Your plan is from the heavens. Your plan is eternal. Your plan is in the hand of God, and I’m coming after you,” saith The LORD. “And it’s much sooner than you think.”