Faith to Faith

‘And I Will Bless You Beyond Your Means’

9 July 2007

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“The manifestation of THE BLESSING,” saith The LORD, “is at an all­-time high. You are approaching a blessing manifestation of glory that is an explosion in ways and in intensity that the human race has never seen before. It will look in the spirit the way terrorism looks in the natural, as if it is absolutely everywhere and unstoppable.


“Don’t ever get the idea that terrorism is unstoppable. No, no, no. I said in the 54th chapter of Isaiah that terror will arise but not by Me, and it will not come nigh you. That’s my promise,” saith The LORD, “and if you will take it, THE BLESSING will surround you. THE BLESSING will encase you and you will learn to walk in the secret place of the Most High God. Blessed in His blessing, blessed in His glory, blessed in your comings, blessed in your goings. Blessed in your pocketbook. All debt will have to get up and leave you the way leprosy left the lepers of old.


“Debt,” saith The LORD. “Oh my, my LORD, oh my, say that again. I’ve never heard that before. Ooo­weee, “Debt is financial sickness, it is financial leprosy. It’s an attempt to do with the natural world’s monies and abilities what I created THE BLESSING to do for you. Only it is a burden and not a blessing.


“Debt is part of the curse. And if you will begin to confess it, you will be shocked and thrilled at how quickly you will have the glory arise and drive the debt out of your life. And if you’ll bring your tithe to Me and spend time with Me, spend time with Me, spend time with Me tithing that tithe to Me, then I will teach you, and I will train you, and I will show you how to be debt ­free, just like I have others around you.


“And I will bless you beyond your means. I will bless you beyond your income. I will bless you beyond your salaries. I will bless you beyond anything you’ve ever known before. I will show you things to come. I will show you things that you’ve never heard of before, and you will take advantage of those things and be financially blessed in all of that. But I’ll tell you, I’ll bring financial blessing on you that you ain’t got any idea where it came from.


“It has come to an explosive place. It’s ready. I’m ready,” saith The LORD, “if you’ll begin to confess it. And if you will begin to walk in it, and if you will make it a priority in your life, then the glory will manifest in your midst. And you will give Me praise and I will come and visit you and together we will have a grand time,” saith The LORD.” Hallelujah, hallelujah.


“Pastors, ministers of churches, it’s time for the glory to manifest in and among your congregation. If you will begin to teach it. If you will begin to preach it. If you will begin to reveal it from My WORD, I will manifest Myself,” saith The LORD, “if you’ll preach and teach on the love of God, and if you will preach and teach on My glory, I will begin to manifest it in your midst. And you will have glorification manifestation and there’ll be things that will happen that will take you six months to figure out what it was. It will get so heavy in your congregation from time to time that people in there will not be able to see one another, because of the thickness of the manifestation of the glory. Some of you are going to have it manifest in your cars, manifest as you travel.” Praise God! Amen.