Faith to Faith

‘Always on Your Side’!

15 June 2017

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“I created the nation of Israel,” saith The LORD, “because I love them. I created it. And they thought they had Me stopped. They completely wiped that nation off the face of the earth. But you couldn’t get it off My mind,” saith The LORD. “You remember, I’m the One who dealt with Pharaoh. I am the One,” saith The LORD. “I dealt with all of those, all of those wicked, mean and unreasonable people who thought they could destroy My work in the earth. I don’t have victory,” saith The LORD. “I Am victory! I Am triumph!

“I created the nation of Israel because I love them. But the United States of America is the only nation that was created by people because they love Me and wanted to worship Me. And I will never, ever, ever, ever forget it! I’m not anywhere close to being done with this nation. Amen. So, understand and know this: Take the time to search your mind. Take the time to search your own heart. And seek ways to understand that I do what I do because I am Love. And I’m doing what I’m doing because I love you. So, rejoice and don’t look at yourself and say, ‘Oh, I am just so dumb.’ I gave you My own mind. What are you doing with it?

“These are the days of victory. These are the days of triumph. These are the days. If you’ll wake up to them, these are the days you’ve been dreaming of. I’m here. I’m more available to you right now than I have ever been since I created this planet. So, rise up with your faith. Rise up and take hold of the faith that is the victory that overcometh the world, and begin to overcome,” saith The LORD. “For I am with you. I am in you. I am for you. And I will always be on your side if you’ll stay on Mine.”