Faith to Faith

All Will Be Well

1 January 1982

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth E. Hagin

“Don’t take up all your time with natural things. Some of those things are legitimate and it’s all right to take a certain period of time there, but see to it that you give heed­­-watch, listen to, pay attention ­­unto your spirit. And you give your spirit opportunity to feed upon the Word of God, and you give your spirit  opportunity to commune with the Father above, and build yourself up on your most holy faith. It doesn’t take a lot of time, ­­just an hour or two out of 24. Just  pay a tithe of your time unto Me,” saith the Lord, “and all will be well. Your life  will be changed. It will be empowered and you will be a mighty force for God.”


Please note: The prophecy date listed is an approximation.