Faith to Faith

“A Time of My Presence!”

31 December 2016

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Aha! ‘Will peace come?’ many are saying. ‘Will peace come in 2017? Shall the things of The LORD become stronger and grander, or shall they begin to wane closer to the end of the year?’ The greatest outflowing of peace from heaven in our time will begin, and become close to its full measure before the end of the year.

“Now there will be great congregations and people all over this world who will suddenly walk into and experience more peace and more tranquility in God than they’ve ever known in their lives. There are going to be people in places where they are incarcerated because of their wildness, and suddenly, all of a sudden, in places of strong, demonic-held places—where people are put away and put aside—suddenly just a sweeping of the peace of Jesus will come. And people will suddenly come to their right mind and say, ‘Why am I in here? Where have I been the last 20 years?’

“An outpouring of the love of God. There will be people by the end of 2017 loving one another that, as of right now, they hate one another horribly….Whole blocks of people that hated that block of people are all of a sudden going to say, ‘Why did we hate one another?’ For you see, this is a time of My presence,” saith The LORD, “and My glory is going to be manifest like it never has before. Like it never has happened before on a far, far, far-ranging outreach. And it will be wonderful, and it will be marvelous. And so many people, so many people will come flooding into the kingdom of God. People crying out, ‘I want to know Jesus! I want to know this Jesus!’ They’ll come from strange religions. They’ll come from funny and different backgrounds. But there’s going to be so many of them there’s not going to be any place to put them all! Glory to God. Churches will spring up in places where there never has been a church before. These are the most glorious days. Ha, ha, ha! You think, Can it get any better than this? Oh yeah! 2017 is just the beginning.”