Faith to Faith

‘A Praying Generation!’

4 July 2014

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland Kenneth Copeland

“I have prepared a people. I’ve been preparing this generation for some time now. This is a praying generation. And I must tell you,” saith the Spirit of grace, “I haven’t had a praying generation in many years. But this is a praying generation.

“I have people praying all over the world. There is constant Holy Ghost, energized prayer coming forth before the throne of God, before the throne of grace, every minute of every hour of every day, day in and day out. And I have been looking for that and working and building toward that for many, many, many years. It has come to pass and it is growing, and those kinds of prayer-generated moves of the Spirit know no boundaries. That’s the reason your leaders are preaching to step out into the bold areas of the supernatural, because those prayers and that kind of praying is what opens the heavens in the earth and allows the Spirit of God to move in unhindered, supernatural manifestations of Jesus and His power and love.

“You’re there. Begin to expect things around you everywhere you go. You are part of the praying supernatural generation. And there are those throughout the years of history that will look on this time and they’ll say, ‘You know, right there is where the turn was made. Right at that time is where the turn was made.”