Faith to Faith

A New Way to Live

22 January 2009

Prophecy delivered by Keith Moore

(Tongues) “For the time of transition has begun.” (tongues) “And the way you have done things in times past was good and was right for the time. But to do what is coming will require change. And there will require a different way of doing it, and a different way of speaking and believing, and a different way of operating.

“So lift up your eyes off of men, off of women, off of institutions of men and women, and put them only on the ‘I AM.’ Every day and every night listen closely and check your heart. Be not dull, be not calloused, be not carnal and see only the flesh and think of only the past. Lift up your eyes and you’ll see a new way. And you’ll live in a new day and you’ll not be diminished, but you’ll grow stronger. And the channels I now open for you will eclipse those of the past. The flow will be greater, the increase will be real and your Source is the same.” Hallelujah. Glory to God.