Faith to Faith

2009—The Glory Will Shine

15 November 2008

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Well, what about 2009? Shall it be a time of darkness? Or shall this be a place where the Glory shines? Yes, the Glory is here. The Glory has come and things in 2009 that you thought were absolutely never, ever going to come to pass are going to happen so smoothly and so easily you’re going to say, ‘My, my, my, I don’t see why I ever was disturbed about that. Why, glory to God.’ And it’s going to increase, and increase and increase. And before the end of 2009 you won’t be able to recognize yourself or your nation, because the Spirit of the living God will be moving in ways that you’ve only dreamed about up till now. And you’ll be on your way to more wonderful and greater things.” That’s the word of The LORD that came to me. Praise The LORD!