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I started reading the books provided to me in the library and started downloading videos (podcasts) of Brother Kenneth and Gloria and all the other men and women and it’s been wonderful. As I have been experiencing the miracle working power of God. I dreamt one night that I was wearing Brother Copeland and Brother Hagin’s clothes (suits) and I was busy organizing crusades. When I woke the Lord immediately revealed to me that it was their mantels that came upon me. Then on another night I dreamt that I was ministering with Kellie the Copeland’s daughter and I had an amazing time. Then another time I dreamt that Pastor George was speaking to me in the dream and as he spoke, furniture started coming to me.

This is what’s been going on in my life. I have seen how God moves by the speed of thought. I don’t even have to open my mouth sometimes then God has already provided whatever it is that I need. I’m having incredible experiences in the presence of the Lord and I praise God for it because I now that He is what He says He is and He does what He said He’d do. He is my Father and my King.



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