My past life without God

Praise God, I thank God this day for giving me this chance to share how my life was when I didn’t know God. I am born again, and I thank God…I remember sometime back I was in worldly desires. I had this girlfriend whom we make love whenever we want and I felt like I’m an addict to sex, I lost control and forget about God during that time…I use to pray and fast before but after I met her I forgot everything and every time I find it difficult even to open Bible and read it or attend services of God…this sexual addiction led me to start masturbation which really torn my life to guilty every time with no peace at heart…I use follow your ministry at TBN TV but still I stopped during this time…I could also, tell lies, all the time expressing love to this lady forgetting God….but TODAY! I Can Say JESUS HAS SET ME FREE AGAIN! I am born Again , I have left my worldly desires , that relationship, begun to tame my tongue according to God guidance, and follow his word …I say Thank You Jesus…God has set me free again…I now see light in Gods Kingdom…I’m set free by the blood of Jesus….Amen!



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