Miracle Working God


I have been a partner of Kenneth Copeland Ministries for a number of years.
I committed my life to Jesus in 1985. I have many testimonies. My God is a Magnificent Saviour.
I want to share our recent testimony.
We owed our Rates quite a large amount of money as we skipped several payments. We also owed money on worker’s compensation. We manage to get some extra money together and decided to pay the back pay. When my husband went to sort our payments out, he was told they owed him money for a number of years and we owe nothing. Our God cleared our slate totally.
While he was a away in town I decided to phone the Workman’s Compensation to find out how much they had on their books that we owed. Our God wonderfully did another miracle, we owed nothing and the file is lost. We need to just pay the monthly subs.
We give God all the Glory. He is a miracle working God.



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