Masai warrior and Lion killer

I was a little boy who look after his father’s Cattle and sheep there in the bush where lion, cheetahs and leopards are just going around wanting to kill the animals. I stood up every day to protect my father’s Cattle and sheep. It was not easily as a little boy to protect the sheep and the Cattles in the bush from the lion and any others dangerous while animal.
I had to came home tired and scared. I had dreams and shouted for safety for the whole night. Dreamt the lion in the bush opening its wide red mouth and it still fresh in my mind and flesh as I speak.
In the year 1998 the preacher came to our home Manyatta in the village and he preached
the word of God and asked if there is someone who have ever been in danger but she/he saw the protection of God. I appeared and I gave the testimonies how the merciful and good Lord protected me all the years from Lion and leopards and others bad while animal. And after my testimonies he asked if I could give my life to my proctor and I agreed and got saved.
When I got saved, my father heard it and he said if anyone got saved in this family count yourself out of my family. I was chased out of home for the 6yrs but I joined the fellowship of good brothers who helped me with clothes and food and encouraged me to grow in faith. And I continued prayed till my father send the message for me to return home because he had no issue with me got save but with conditions that – no shouting when I sing, no preaching when it’s not Sunday, and any other many.
I started the fellowship under the tree, and we continued worship and preaching for 5 years there and the numbers of believers increased. We had a lot of challenges because during the rain seasons no Church services and fellowships for tree church because of the rain and the floods. Windy also became the big challenge. The tree was a thorn tree so when the windy blow the thorn falls down and are dangerous for people special children and women.



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