Job Transfer and Promotion

Praise the Lord!

I’ve been working in Kasese which is 380 kilometers away from Kampala Uganda’s capital city for the past two and a half years.

I’ve been married for six years and we’re blessed with two boys, a three year old and a five year old. My family live in Kampala which is 380 km away from Kasese where I’ve been working. I’ve been traveling nearly every weekend home to see my family for a day.

This long distance had put a strain on both my marriage and my relationship with my kids. My wife really struggled to handle the pressure of her job and raising the two boys. And my abscence did not help much since she was on her own most of the time. This situation did affect her health and she eventually quit her job. For the past six years I’ve spent in marriage, I had only spent about one and a half years living with my family.

I grew up in a born again family and in my teenage years I served God, however I had lost my way since then. Around May this year, the Lord spoke to me through my mum and I came back to Him and dedicated my life to Him once again. The Lord did lead me to the Kenneth Copeland ministries and I’ve been blessed by the online products and services.

One of the first things I asked God for was to get me back home with my family, so that I can be with them and truely be the head of my household.
This prayer was answered around three months later. I had nearly lost all hope of getting back home with my family. But God was true and faithful to His word and made a way where there was no way. Not only was I given a transfer, but I was promoted as well.

Am now really happy to be back home with my family. We’re working on our marriage and am raising my two lovely boys. This has been one of my main goals over the past one and a half years. Our God does truely answer prayers and fulfill dreams, He’s faithful to His word. Praise God!

Thank you Brother Kenneth and Gloria Copeland for being such a blessing in my life. Am looking forward to great things and sharing many more testimonies with you.



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