I believe in Miracles

I would like to share my incredible experience of the goodness of God.

In February 2014 I suffered multi-organ failure and was in a coma on Life Support in Westville Hospital, Durban. I “died” twice while in the Intensive Care Unit.

On the first occasion I travelled to a galaxy of stars in an azure blue sky. The stars were all different sizes and a gold curtain hung across them. It was made of shimmering ropes. I remember standing before it, but it would not open.

The second time was when I had a heart attack while still in the ICU. I remember seeing figures in white robes on the left side of my bed – as far as the eye could see. On my right stood a man in a white robe. His right hand was stretched out towards me. I did not take it.

The team of specialists called a meeting to remove the life support as medically there was nothing more they could do. My precious family refused to do this. I opened my eyes the next day. It was the 19th February 2014.

My brain was fully functional but I underwent intense physical rehabilitation until I was able to care for myself.

I attended a conference at Glenridge Church International on 7th August 2014. The speaker, Jeff Janson, spoke of how God speaks in numbers. With reference to John 11:11 I went into the ICU on 11th February and spent 11 days there. I am only aware of the dates through much correspondence to verify the payment of medical bills.

I praise God who has touched my life. He has healed me after thirty years of ill health. Our God is an awesome God.
Psalm 121:7 to 8 Encouragement

Margaret Lindsay



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