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Good day uncle Kenneth, aunty Gloria and the rest of the KCM team.

I thought I would write to KCM and thank Uncle Kenneth for the series titled “Make the Holy Spirit Your Power Partner…” which he taught on last week.

I have never learnt so much about the Holy Spirit and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in one week. I happened to have been overseeing the teaching of a “New Believers” course to teenagers at a Church in Randburg, South Africa in the week that the broadcasts were focusing on praying in tongues.

We saw amazing manifestations of His work in and among the teenagers’ lives in both our Sunday services and I would just like to thank uncle Kenneth once more for these teachings. Before I saw their impact in the kids’ lives, the changes started with me as I was preparing for the lesson. I started praying in tongues on my way to and from work, at my desk at work, just everywhere I could and it didn’t matter how I felt about it…I just knew that I was being edified as the Word says.

I thank God for leading to partner of this ministry because my wife and I’s lives have never been the same since. We love you so much and pray for you as often as we can the same way you pray for us daily.

Seeing that next year is the 50th birthday of the ministry, we are doing all we can to save up to come to the United States to celebrate this milestone with you. Those savings are our natural part, but we are believing God for His supernatural intervention too and we know very well how that will come about as we were taught…”give and it shall be given unto you…”

Thanks again and may God strengthen you to keep doing what you do until your last days on this earth because it is transforming lives across the globe.

We love you so much.

Best regards



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