2020 has been amazing for my health in every aspect. I have always had some kind of lung issue due to being a premie and have been on/ off many different medications for majority of my life. I had absolutely no reference for anything different. This September Cathy had prayed for healing for breathing/lung issues and as I lay in bed listening I took my first real deep breath I’ll be honest I had absolutely no idea what was happening and with each breath, I would cough but it was so invigorating I kept doing it. I went pretty much the rest of the day not understanding what was happening, then the Lord told me I was healed from asthma. I didn’t know how much I was missing out on.

Shortly after that, a benign tumor behind my ear was miraculously healed. A few months later I had surgery to remove another benign tumor. I had absolutely no major pain after surgery not even needing to take Tylenol.

However the biggest miracle/ gift God has given me is complete restoration of my vision. I started wearing glasses in the fourth grade. At its worst I could barely see my hand 2ft in front of my face. I didn’t even know I could believe for such a thing. I got in His word, started declaring victory, I acted on it, I believed for it and I never let it go. The devil tried to convince me that I missed it and that God wouldn’t do it for me. But God being a good and faithful father showed me that his Word is truth and life. His Word didn’t come back void, my vision is fully restored to better than before I will never need glasses/contacts another day in my life. Healing is for TODAY. I believe it and I receive. Hallelujah Thank you Lord.