He Sustained Me

I just want to give a testimony about God being prevalent in my life. One instance was last year (2017). I was getting easily fatigued and having a lot of migraines. I was busy with school and work so it took me awhile to go to the doctors. Throughout that time I was watching healing sermons on KCM, praying, and speaking healing over my body. When I finally went to the doctors in June I found out that my hemoglobin level was at a 3.4. Hemoglobin helps carry oxygen throughout the body. A woman’s level should be at a 12. My doctors said they have seen women’s levels at a 5 and they couldn’t even walk or move their bodies. They also said they had never seen someone have it as low as mine. They told me to go to urgent care immediately to get a blood transfusion. My symptoms were mild in comparison to what people have experienced. I was functioning as I would in my daily life and God had been sustaining me. After I got the blood transfusion, my levels went up to 7. I had to wait about 4 months until I could check my levels again because I was out of the country. When I got my levels checked in December my hemoglobin went up to a 9. I’m out of the country again so I can’t check my hemoglobin at the moment. However, I have not experienced any of the symptoms that I did in the past. My hemoglobin was low due to a fibroid causing heavy bleeding. I’m so grateful for God’s goodness, that He cares about my well being. I continue to speak healing and restoration over my body and believe that the fibroid will leave without needing surgery.



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