On this day I can gladly proclaim that I have been touched by the love of my heavenly father.
It was early January of 2018, that I was taken by surprise and devastated to learn that I did not pass my supplementary exam.
I was not prepared for this bad report, I was confident I had passed the supplementary test.
I became very distressed and fearful that this would set me back one more year in my studies. During this time I was already on the 2nd day of a 3 day fast ( I felt prompted by the holy Spirit to go into a fast before my results were released). Even though the news was very bleak and it looked as if the odds were against me I began confessing that I had victory in Christ Jesus.
That same evening I took out my prayer petitions that I prepared for my studies and I began confessing them. I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to Kenneth Copeland’s teaching on Authority of the believer. I also stood on Kenneth & Gloria’s partnership prayer.
As I began to meditate on the word and listen about Gods love for me the fear began to fade and a surety of Gods faithfulness started to build up on the inside of me.
The very next day after my three day fast I read Pastor Joseph Prince daily Devotion entitled “facts change but God’s word remains” it spoke about the Holy Spirit being the Spirit of Truth and not the Spirit of Fact and that the fact of our situations are subject to change and come in alignment with God’s word. I knew this was a Rhema Word for me. I began to confess “Lord, Jesus I thank you that your spirit is the spirit of truth and does not bear witness to this failure and the facts are subject to change”. I also was confessing who I am in Christ that as Jesus sits a winner at the Fathers right hand so was I seated with Christ Jesus.
A week before Registration was due, I began feeding on the word and continuing to listen to Pastor Prince Sermons. I continued confessing my victory in Christ, and as I did this I began to get a deep revelation and understanding of God’s love for me and I rested on his promise for me, it was not about doing more but seeing more of Christ.
On the day of my registration I was at complete rest and peace. Even when I was standing before my lecturer to view my paper that I had failed I just confessed that the Lord turned water into wine and that I would praise him when I win and praise him when I lose.
Up until this point nothing changed on the natural but I had a deep sense of peace of the Fathers love for me
As I stood in the Registration queue at the faculty, it was finally my turn to stand before the Registration Consultant, when all of a sudden, there was a huge diversion, a great rush of students came to the registration stand causing great confusion in the faculty, The Faculty attendants were frantically trying to bring order to the situation, and before I knew it the consultant signed me on as a third year student, I was Registered for the third year and given the necessary parking and time tables.
On my way driving home, it dawned on me that I had just received a Miracle from God. The diversion was a set-up for me to receive my Miracle. That day I took my miracle by faith.
I am a winner and the lord will never fail me.
Praise God. The Lord Supernaturally gave me Victory. Nothing is impossible with God
I am a witness that living the let Go Life really works .Amen



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