Far more than I could ever imagine

We are a family if sowers. Never understood the reap factor though.

Then 2017 dawned and a year of expectancy lay ahead…..I believed God for a grandson. January I felt a butterfly in my abdomen….Mothers experience in pregnancy. 6 February I saw God place a baby in open hands……God asked me 12 February to sow all I had gathered over 2 years for Baby. As I sowed in tears as thought these were for my grandson…I realised God had a bigger plan and open hands from giving, could again receive. 6 March found out my daughter had conceived. My grandson is due October 2017

My harvest was complete I thought…..

However we have many harvests to reap yet

June 2017 I was blessed with a trip to Israel happening 2018…..

Our Father God has blessed me with a trip I did not consider as ever going to be a part of my story…..

Listening to recording of Gloria and Pastor about sowing and reaping today I realised

These are mine….for now…..

Praise God


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