Debt Cancellation

My wife and I wanted to get out of debt but we didn’t know how, in the year 2019 I heard about Br Copeland’s book ” The laws of prosperity” I read it around July 2019 it blessed me, at the beginning of August 2019, I was inspired to read it again prayerfully. I read it while fasting and praying. I got the revelation of making deposits in my Heavenly account and at that time I had already decided that my annual increase will put it towards the payment of debts but, after getting the revelation of depositing in my heavenly account, I decided that to deposit it into my heavenly account through partnership with KCM.

I began watching Brother Copeland, [Ps George & Gloria] on Youtube and receiving Victory magazine every month, around March 2020, I read the book Laws of Prosperity again prayerful with prayer and fasting. This time around I got the revelation of making withdraws from my heavenly account. In April 2020, we started making withdrawals from our heavenly account, we started having lots of money leftover after our expenses and we decided to put it towards debts. Our R120 000, personal loan that we took in March 2018 that was supposed to be paid off by March 2023 has been paid off – November 2020. Praise God what a blessing it is to be a partner with KCM.



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