Debt Cancellation of my bond on my home

In 2015 my wife Shireen and I started to pray for God to cancel the debt over our house. I was unemployed, had a triple by pass and both my daughters were unemployed. We are faithful tithers, have sown our seed to KCM our local ministry. We were fellow shipping in a Ministry we thought the we will settle in, however it did not work out, we left and started our own and this did not work. We are with another ministry asking God to build is ministry for us.

We took the Law of Prosperity book by Kenneth Copeland and started to pray the prayer were God heavenly bank account is full and we started to pray for God to release our funds to cancel this debt. We prayed daily in agreement and on the 15/12/2016 God cancelled this debt. Total paid R200 000 debt. In December 2016 we received our title deed from the deeds office, praise the Lord Jesus for all that was done for me and my family.



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