What to Do When You Feel Spiritually Empty

Everyone has felt spiritually empty before. Maybe you’ve had a time of spiritual dryness…spiritual burnout…exhaustion—a time when we don’t feel like our prayers are reaching heaven and our passion for the things of God has become lackluster. That’s when it’s time to follow the Apostle Paul’s advice and stir ourselves up for God and for […]

4 Ways to Develop a Strong Spirit

GOD HAS EXCITING PLANS FOR YOU THIS YEAR, BUT YOU’LL NEED A STRONG SPIRIT TO RECEIVE THEM ALL! HERE ARE FOUR WAYS TO DEVELOP A STRONG SPIRIT. Whatever you find in God’s Word, if you can believe it and stand for it—you can have it with a strong spirit! What is a strong spirit? Proverbs […]

10 Scriptures to Help You Walk in the Spirit

Learn how to live the life you’ve always want through these 10 scriptures to help you walk in the spirit! There is a quality of life that exceeds anything this world has ever known! The thrilling mysteries of the life and power of God are all available to you as a believer in Jesus. Walking […]

3 Ways to Stay Connected to God

When you stay connected to God—closely united with your heavenly Father—all the power of heaven is at your disposal. Think about that for a moment. Think how wonderful it would be to have such harmony with God that you knew what He wanted you to do and your prayers were answered every time. According to […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Ability to Hear the Holy Spirit

by Gloria Copeland One of the questions people ask the most is, “How do I hear the Holy Spirit?” They think there must be a magic formula involved—and while there isn’t a 1-2-3 magic formula, there are disciplines that you can implement to put yourself in the place of hearing the Holy Spirit more clearly. […]

What Is Jesus Doing Right Now?

by Kenneth Copeland Have you ever wondered what Jesus is doing right now—today? Most believers haven’t. They know what He did in the past. They can tell you without hesitation about His ministry on earth, His death, resurrection and ascension. And they can testify about how those things have changed their lives. But if you […]

What Does It Mean to “Renew My Mind

Romans 12:2 instructs us to, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (KJV). “Renewing your mind” is an important part of living a successful Christian life. But if you’re new to the Christian life or new to the […]

Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Do you want to live a more satisfying, happier and productive life? Your thoughts are key for achieving that goal. In fact, science now confirms what Scripture has proclaimed for years: thoughts matter. Studies now show that while negative thoughts can tear you down both physically and emotionally, positive thoughts stimulate the growth of nerve […]

70 Scriptures That Prove God Is Your Source

Learn how to fully rely on God for every need and desire with these 70 scriptures that prove God is your Source! God is your Source! Sound easier to say than believe? When it comes to standing in faith for things we know we need to survive or want so desperately, the battle is on. […]