Make Every Day Resurrection Day

With These 13 Attributes of God’s Unending Love for You Looking for a fresh start, clean break or a new and better you? Maybe the excitement of the new year wore off just days after the crystal ball dropped in Times Square—and you’ve been looking for the RESET button ever since. Consider how Jesus must have felt […]

Living in Resurrection Power: A 7-Day Devotion

Join us for this seven-day study and learn what living in resurrection power is all about! Even though Easter is celebrated by most people only once each year, we are meant to live and operate in resurrection power every day. When the power of God raised Christ from the dead, it sealed Satan’s defeat forever. […]

4 Ways to Live In Resurrection Power Every Day

If you celebrate Resurrection Sunday once a year, you’re missing out! You can live and walk in resurrection power every day. He is risen! What a special day we celebrate. What love. What power. On Resurrection Sunday, we commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, which He experienced willingly to provide us with […]

Step Into Resurrection Life

by Gloria Copeland Truly, it’s time for us to stop looking for the living among the dead. It’s time for us to stop wandering around in the cemetery of sin, sickness and failure and to step into resurrection life! As a resurrected creature, you’re no accident going somewhere to happen. Your life isn’t just a […]

4 Testimonies of God’s Manifest Power Through the Ministry of Angels

Did you know angels are a part of ministering the promise of healing to your body? Let these four testimonies feed your faith! When you pray and believe for healing, have you ever wondered how it might come to pass? There are many different ways the Lord delivers healing. You can’t expect your healing to […]