4 Ways To Rewrite Your Story & Change Your Life!

This is a story about a Christian who loved the Lord, sought to serve Him, and desired to live a life filled with the countless victories He promised in His Word. But something was troubling this Christian. You see, there were promises unfulfilled, desires unmet year after year, and a story that seemed to be […]

5 Steps to Live Long & Strong

“With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.” – Psalm 91:16 The Bible has a lot to say about God’s will concerning our life here on the earth—how we are to live and for how long. God has a good, long life planned for us. But without that revelation, when we […]

Top 10 Questions About Healing

Questions about divine healing? We’ve got you covered with these Top 10 Questions About Healing. You asked questions about healing……and we heard you! Healing belongs to you. It was included in your SALVATION package. Still, building faith to receive isn’t always simple, although it’s not meant to be hard. Faith for healing takes desire, effort […]

Why You Should Call Yourself Well Every Day

“She is not dead.” These were Jesus’ words in Luke 8:52 when a group of people had gathered to mourn Jairus’ daughter, who had been pronounced dead that day. He then entered the home, took her by the hand and brought her back to life. She was dead. But Jesus said, “She is not dead.” […]

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Laughter for Your Spirit, Soul and Body

Is good health as easy as doing jumping jacks while watching a comedy? Science finally caught up with the Bible, revealing these surprising health benefits of laughter for your spirit, soul and body. READING TIME: 7 MINUTES When was the last time you had a really good laugh? Not just a small chuckle or a […]

5 Ways to Live in Divine Health

Are you low on energy, having trouble losing weight, or feeling the effects of aging? You don’t have to be! Find out how you can change your life. Divine health is God’s will for you. He created you—spirit, soul and body—and His desire, and expectation, is for you to live long and strong on the […]