Because of Christ, I am still standing!!!

Greetings in Jesus Name.
I write to you following the January 2019 testimony R. B. from Overland Park, Kans..
I would like to give glory to the Almighty God for your love, support, Kenneth, Gloria and your entire ministry team.
You have been my strength.
I, also, passed through crises and challenges, which, among others, losing the only parent I ever had and knew – my Mother, being chased away from home like a stray dog and ruthlessly insulted by my junior brother, accusing me of killing our Mother, poverty, lack, debt, rejection, a stagnant business, alcohol addiction…… and much more!
But through all these trying times, I held on to my faith, read my BVOV magazine, watched & listened to Ken, Gloria & George Pearsons on our South African DStv channels. Occasionally, I would call KCM for prayer as well.
This kept me going and gave me courage.
Today, I feel so much stronger and closer to the Almighty God. I have learned to trust and lean on Him more than in man.
Thank you KCM for all your teachings and enouragements.
God richly bless, reward and multiply your family, ministry, staff and partners.


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