The Power of Persistent Faith In Prayer

Throughout the Word, God tells us to have faith, but not just any kind of faith. He tells us to have faith in Him and to have the faith of Him, which is the God kind of faith (Mark 11:22). He tells us to have aggressive, determined, persistent and focused faith. Persistence is defined as “obstinance in a course of action, […]

The 7 Vital Signs of Faith

Body temperature. Heart rate. Pulse. Respiratory rate. When you go to the doctor, each of these vital signs is checked. They aid your doctor in determining the status of your body’s life-sustaining functions. Medical doctors use these signs to assess the general health of an individual and make adjustments where necessary to improve health, strength […]

70 Tradition-Busting Scriptures

Tradition got you down? There’s just one way to go free—the truth! Whatever you’ve been taught by family members or churches, there’s only one source of truth, and that’s God’s Word. If you’ve been believing that miracles aren’t for today, healing isn’t for everyone, or God is the author of anything evil in this world, […]

How to Pass the Baton of Faith to the Next Generation

Are you leaving a legacy of faith? Learn how to pass the baton of faith to the next generation and fulfill your calling within the Body of Christ! Leading up to each of the Olympic Games, a long relay of runners carrying torches transports a flame from Olympia, Greece, to the cauldron at the site […]

Unlock God’s Master Plan for Your Life

by Gloria Copeland Have you unlocked God’s master plan for your life? When God created you, He designed you for a purpose, and He has the master plan for you to fulfill that purpose. No one else has the plan or can carry out the plan because He created it just for you. It’s your responsibility to […]

5 Secrets To Living Life in the Faith Lane

When you jump on a highway, you have a choice. You can drive in the slow lane, cruise along in the middle lane, or move over to the fast lane. In life, you have choices, too, regarding which lane you’ll cruise in. You can hang out in the cynical lane, the “safe” lane, the waiting-for-everything-to-fall-in-your-lap […]

How To Receive Direction From God

Vaccine mandates, the infiltration of unbiblical teaching in our schools, and the increase of violence around the country. These alone are enough reason for God’s people to press in and hear from Him about every issue, every day. Make no mistake—we do not fear—but we also do not neglect to tap into the most powerful […]

A Prayer for a Loved One in Prison

Are you concerned about a friend or family member who is incarcerated? Sometimes, it can seem as if there is no way out and nothing you can do. However, God has said that through Him, you can make the impossible possible and create streams in a desert for your loved one. Throughout the Bible, powerful […]

Are You Sinking Your Own Ship?

Are you facing financial, health or relationship struggles? You may hold the answer to your own problems. “Loose lips sink ships.” This phrase, which originated during World War II, was a direct warning against unguarded conversations by members of the United States military. At the time, the enemy was looking to target vessels coming across […]

How To Stand Your Ground Against the Enemy

The devil appears to have launched a wave of attacks. COVID is trying to ramp up again. Our government has been making some crazy decisions. We are still uncovering election corruption. And on top of all that, there are the personal issues we’ve been facing. Pastor George Pearsons recently addressed this assault and instructed us […]