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God blessed us

I have come back like the one leper to return to Jesus after he received his healing. I have to thank God Almighty and for your prayers, indeed God honours His word.  On September 7, the Lord blessed me and my husband with a beautiful baby girl. Despite all the huddles and fibroid, He saw me through. Thank you Lord, and thanks all for [...]

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Thank you to KCM and prayer team. My daughter got a bursary on Thursday 26 September 2019. I was trusting God for payment of the school fees. Gloria shared how she thanked God and that every debt is paid and it was so. I practise and kept on saying it. I did not have the money to pay for her. This is my first [...]

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Salvation testimony

I was born in a christian family but l was not born again. One day God gave me the privilege to give my life to Jesus . l regreted for my sins, l repented and l accepted Jesus in my life as my savior and my Lord . Since that day my priorities have changed through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

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Healing for our children

When our boys were young (one about 3 years old and another 5 years old), we requested prayers from KCM Africa , Johannesburg, for the healing of our sons; one was suffering from Epilepsy and the other suffering from Asthma (needed to use the pump regularly to help with breathing). Praise the Lord that our boys are now 10 and 12 years old and [...]

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Thank you!

Thank you for the programs on developing our born-again spirit, strengthening our inner man - it changed me and your programs this week are so awesome as well on the hormones' effects on my body. Listening on efm radio in Namibia. THANK YOU

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Masai warrior and Lion killer

I was a little boy who look after his father’s Cattle and sheep there in the bush where lion, cheetahs and leopards are just going around wanting to kill the animals. I stood up every day to protect my father’s Cattle and sheep. It was not easily as a little boy to protect the sheep and the Cattles in the bush from the lion [...]

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Dream Wedding

I used the Steps on how to Pray and get answers and other related materials such as from Glory to Glory which I do forward daily on my whatsup platform to hundreds. I was preparing a Dream Wedding for my wife. God answered and we got more, a fully paid holiday gift for 12 night in UAE 5 in Abu Dhabi and 7 in [...]

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Because of Christ, I am still standing!!!

Greetings in Jesus Name. I write to you following the January 2019 testimony R. B. from Overland Park, Kans.. I would like to give glory to the Almighty God for your love, support, Kenneth, Gloria and your entire ministry team. You have been my strength. I, also, passed through crises and challenges, which, among others, losing the only parent I ever had and knew [...]

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God the healer

God delivered my husband from an accident that wrecked his car and led to him having a shift in position of his intestines in 2018 causing him to have a surgery and also healed him of bowel obstruction that required another surgery in the same year. I give God the glory for saving his life and giving him divine recovery.

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Lost over 88 pounds

Last year you invited Dr. Colbert to talk on the Keto Zone. In March I made a decision to start eating healthy. I bought the book along with Dr. Caroline Leaf’s Book on eating your way smart. In 3 months from just eating healthy I lost 26 pounds (13kg). My weight got stagnant for a while and then in late August decided to join [...]

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Death to Life

God Showed Up Again" Jency's Testimony God knew me and loved me even before I could know Him and love Him. My life was empty being an orphan, coming from an abusive childhood and never good enough to be accepted and favored. I never believed anyone could take me out from this misery or could change anything in any way. So I submitted to [...]

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Vehicle recovery

Greetings children of almighty God, I am very thankful of your prayers. I made prayer request for the recovery of my brother's vehicle which was hijacked on Sunday night I am very glad to testify that God Almighty answered our prayers. The vehicle was found at the Beitbridge border . God is faithful His word is everything in Christ Jesus I thank you Amen [...]

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